Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day

We had a BBQ at Brian and Chelsie's new house for Memorial Day.  We had to make it quick since Chelsie had to work that night and needed to take a nap.  Brian manned the grill since my dad was at work, too.  It was freezing so we stayed inside.  The boys had fun making messes in Chelsie's house and Gavin decided to dump his food on the stairs instead of eating it.
My mom made pumpkin chocolate chip cookie sandwiches that were soooo yummy!!  And Gavin loved eating them.
Branson finally talked us into going outside for a bit.  So we bundled him up because the wind so was so dang cold and went outside.  He loves blowing the dandelions.
We hurried and got pictures of Jade and Brittiney and Josh and I before we froze!
Luckily the sun was out for a lot of the time we were up there but as we left the storm clouds moved in again. We've seen these way too much lately.


Kellie said...

Great pics, Kandice!

Marvett Smith said...

Beautiful images!