Sunday, May 22, 2011

31 Days of May ~ Day 22

22.  What makes me different from everyone else.

This one is hard because I don't think I'm that different.  So I'll just list some things about me I guess...
I'm timid and shy until I get to know you.
I have curly hair.  I love my hair even though it's more of a love/hate relationship but I do like that I can do it both curly and straight.  Speaking of my hair, I only cut it a couple of times during my childhood except for trims but never cut a lot off until a few years ago.  It was always at least past the middle of my back.  When we got married it was past my waist.  And I never put any color in it until I was about 19.
These two pics were just before we got married.
 This was my first major haircut that Josh's cousin, Donna did for me.
I have a need for everyone to be happy.  I don't like attention on me, I'm really uncomfortable and nervous.
I also can't hide my nerves, my neck gets all splotchy and red.  It looks like I have hives.  It even does that when I eat in public, I guess I feel like I'm on display.  I don't like playing board games or any kind of game that singles me out for the same reason, it makes me nervous and uncomfortable and it's not fun.
I'm just a Plain Jane kind of girl.


Treesa Porter said...

You're not plain jane - you are spectacular!! You always stand out because of your awesome hair, beautiful face. Your sweet spirit and caring attitude is what makes you so special sweetheart!

Anthony Thompson said...

Oh, girl. Why would you do that to yourself? You had such beautiful long hair!