Monday, May 23, 2011

31 Days of May ~ Day 23

23.  Something I crave a lot.

Josh and I quit drinking soda for over 2 years.  I craved a couple of drinks but never enough to make me want it.  I craved Sprite, Root Beer and the worst craving was Mt. Dew from a can, that's the best!  We used to go fill our 64 oz mugs every single night.  Caffeine doesn't effect my sleep so it was okay except for the amount of sugar and carbonation we were putting into our bodies.
So recently, we started drinking soda again.  I'm not sure how it started but we just let our guard down.  It's nothing like it used to be, we only have a couple sodas a week but I love me some Mt. Dew from the can and the new Supernova flavor.  Oh, it's yummy!
I am my father's daughter, we both love ice cream.  Ben & Jerry's is my fav and this is the current flavor I'm craving.
If I crave something salty, it's always chips and salsa.  The best are either Chili's or Angie's.
I want to learn how to make my own salsa this summer...maybe, if we can ever get a garden in with all this rain!


Vicki said...

I think we grew up together ;) I freaking LOOOve Mountain Dew in a can just before the point of freezing!! MMMmmmmmm And I could live on chips and salsa, I just ran out of the batch I made in 09, So come this fall bring on the salsa making :)

Treesa Porter said...

I was kinda taken aback last week when we were on the phone and you ordered root beer from Wendy's ... I didn't say anything but a little soda won't kill you!

Marvett Smith said...

I rarely drink soda, but Root Beer is one of my very favorites! I love learning so much about you. Great posts!