Sunday, May 1, 2011

31 Days of May~Day 1

Happy May Day!  I can't believe it's May and still so dang cold!!  Tara posted a project she was going to start doing in May and I wanted to play along so here we go, a post everyday in May about me.
Day 1 is a recent picture of myself and 15 interesting facts about me.
Uh, I guess this would be the most recent picture of me...back in March...need to do better than that!
These aren't interesting because I'm not interesting but...
1. I met Josh when I was 19, just a baby.
2. My wedding day was the best day of my life.
3. I love photography, if you couldn't tell, and love my camera.
4. I love Ben & Jerry's, they're the best therapy.
5. I went on a church history tour during the summer before my senior year of high school.  It was testimony building and an awesome 3 weeks on tour buses and vans with 300 kids.
6. I've been on the top of one of the World Trade Center buildings.
7. I'm sensitive to a fault.
8. My 4 furbabies are my children.
9. My parents moved 13 times in my first year of life.
10. I love dance.
11. I love technology, it's amazing the things we can do these days.
12. I'm a total flip flop girl.
13. I don't like meat.  I have to dissect every piece for fat and could live the rest of my life without it.
14. I love doing laundry, it's therapeutic, and smelling cleanliness.
15. My favorite days are when Josh and I get in the car and go exploring.


Treesa Porter said...

Cute post hon ... you are a very interesting person and don't think you're not! Just one question ... why didn't you love doing laundry when you were a teenager? You always got your "dryer sickness" as a copout whenever I asked you to unload the dryer. Remember that?? LOL

Marvett Smith said...

Ok. I love this project already and this post. How fun to learn new things about you. The part about the meat made me laugh. My daughter is miss Inspector Gadget with her meat too. :) I love that you love doing laundry and that you love your furry friends. You are such a great person Kandice!