Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dance Comp

I finally got to go to one of Elizabeth's dance competitions this weekend!  I love watching her dance, she's so cute.  This weekend's comp was in Roy and we had been planning on getting a hotel for the night and making it a girls weekend, just Lu, Shannon and I.  But Shannon brought DJ because she had to take him to the ER again for an asthma attack the day before, poor kid, so she brought him with for the night.  His dad was going to come get him because he had a baseball game in the morning but with the snow they got in Draper, they cancelled it so he stayed with us.  Our hotel was in a sketchy part of Ogden, but which part isn't?  But we were in a very nice Marriott.  We got to the high school Friday and watched her dance her heart out for her solo and she did really well.  She loves dancing and it shows!
  She finally danced at 7pm and we waited around until almost 11pm when they had the awards.  We were all tired and DJ slept off and on for the past hour of the night in my lap.
By the time it was over, we were all starving.  We hadn't eaten much except for the nachos that they had at the concession stand.  We got back to the hotel and Lu really wanted to get room service, she thought that would be the coolest thing.  
As we were walking to the elevator, we saw a hotel employee walking past with a room service tray and Lu said "we'll be calling you in a minute!"  The girl just smiled, we get up to the hotel to find out room service is closed at 11 and it's 11:15pm!  We were so hungry!  So we decided to all go get back in the car and drive around til we found something.  We drove for a while and didn't see anything, not even the golden arches of McDonalds!  Finally get to an Arby's and got our 11:45pm.  It was a long night.
We got back, ate our dinner and watched a little bit of the Royal Wedding coverage and finally went to sleep.  I love Marriott beds and duvet covers.  They don't give me the weebie jeebies when I lay on them like other hotels do.  I forgot to bring my own pillow so I didn't sleep very well.  At about 5am I was kind of awake and DJ woke straight up from a dead sleep and said he wanted his root beer that we had got him with his dinner.  I thought he was talking in his sleep but he said it again.  So I got it and came back to the bed with it and he didn't take it so I figured he had gone back to sleep but then he asked me for it again.  He cracks me up.
We had to be back to the school by 10am this morning.  Elizabeth did her first dance at 10:45am and didn't have another one til 2pm.  We had to park 5-6 blocks from the school and didn't want to have to leave to get something to eat for lunch even though we had a really good breakfast at the restaurant in the hotel.  And we figured there had to be people leaving so maybe we could move our cars to a closer spot.  So we went out to the parking lot to find spots, Shannon stood in the spot and I ran to the car to move it.  I did that 3 times for my car, Shannon's car and her friend's car.  Shannon got flipped off by someone for doing it, too!  We didn't care though, we didn't want to have to walk all the way back to the car with all of Lu's dancing stuff.
While we waited for her next dance we went and hung out in the practice gym for a bit.  This is what DJ did for most of the time we were there, I'm glad I brought my iPod in so he could play Angry Birds, Cut the Rope and Stupid Zombies, it really entertained him.
We watched Lu dance with some of her friends and play around.
I love her shoes for her hip hop routine, they are so dang cute!
She was done dancing by 3:30 then we left.  We were all so tired and weren't waiting around for awards again that wouldn't be until later tonight.  I loved spending so much time with them and really hated saying goodbye to them.  Even though DJ will be 6 this month, he wanted me to carry him around everywhere which I gladly did, one because I love him and two because it was so crowded in that school I felt better holding onto him.  My arms are paying for it now but I would do anything for that kid and I love that even though we don't see each other as much as we would like, he still loves me and knows how much I love him.
Elizabeth did awesome, I'm so glad I got to watch her.  I'm taking my mom next weekend.  She was a die-hard dance comp mom when I was growing up and she loved every minute of it so I know she'll enjoy watching Elizabeth.


Treesa Porter said...

I am so excited to go!! The smell of the gym, hair spray, makeup and the booming music and high emotions of the dancers and anxiety from the audience are truly an addictive thing! It will be a fun weekend for sure! Love you

Marvett Smith said...

I love her shoes too!