Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Activities

We went to my parents house on Saturday for egg coloring, egg hunting and lunch.  It was fa-reezing and we were coloring eggs outside.  We hurried and got them colored.  Chelsie and Brian haven't been here for the past couple of years to celebrate Easter with us, so we broke Brian into our egg coloring.  It was fun to have us all together.
Gavin really wanted to eat the eggs.
Branson thought the color cups had juice in them and wanted to drink it.  We kept telling him not to but eventually we just told him to dip his finger in there to show him it was yucky since it had vinegar in it.  He tasted it and pulled a funny face but went back for more, silly boy!  The boys had fun hunting for their eggs, eating all the candy and Branson loved playing with his new bubble gun.
We had a great lunch and spent the rest of the afternoon together.

We went down to Salt Lake on Sunday to celebrate Easter with Josh's family.  We had planned to go to a park, have a BBQ and play baseball.  Josh and I left early so we could get down to The Gateway to go to the Apple store.  We were idiots and thought they would be open on a Sunday.  I don't know if it was because it was Sunday or if it was because it was Easter but they were closed.  We drove around where Josh grew up, past his Grandmother's two houses and around Liberty Park.  Josh and his little brother Shane used to ride their skateboards all around down there further than anyone would dare let their children go now.  It started getting colder and the clouds were rolling in so we decided to have a get together at Rosie's.  Everyone was able to make it and it was great.  
Shannon had been in the ER the night before with DJ.  They had been making cupcakes that looked like chicks for Easter the day before and DJ had been playing in the coconut flakes for them.  He started getting a headache and said he didn't feel well.  Shannon took his temp and he was getting a fever.  By the time she got him to the ER he was 104.5.  They finally decided he was having an allergic reaction to the coconut but couldn't figure out why his temp was so high.  They had a room ready for him at the new Riverton hospital instead of making them go to Primary Children's but Shannon wanted to take him home.  They got his fever down and they finally got home at 5 am.  He was clingy and still didn't feel good and I loved every minute of his clinginess.  I miss him, Lu and Noah so much.  I miss spending everyday with them and knowing them so well.  They've grown so much in the past 3 years and I've missed so much.  Noah is growing into such an awesome kid.  We convinced him to show us his dougie dance and the kid is awesome.  He used to like to break dance and now is in a hip hop dance class, and he is killing it in his baseball games.  He is going to have some serious girl problems when he gets older, he's so cute!  Elizabeth is such a sassy little girl.  She cracks us all up.  Josh said he didn't like water from the tap and Elizabeth said "now you know what I have to deal with!"  She's hilarious!  I'm excited to go watch her dance comp next weekend.  And DJ is my sweet bub.  He has started playing baseball and is playing the catcher.  When he was 3, he was hitting the ball further than Noah could.  He's a natural athlete.  Those kids melt my heart like no one else can.
Shane and Kindred were there with their kids Owen and Tycen except Lucy who was with her mom.  Austin and Alicia were there with baby Raedyn. 
You can see on DJ's face that he doesn't feel well but loves to hold baby Raedyn.
Shannon got the kids bubbles as part of their Easter so they all went out onto Rosie's balcony to blow them.  Their had been pigeons flying in and out of her patio and the kids found 2 pigeon eggs in the corner.  I didn't dare get any closer and I hope the mom and dad come back for them after the kids had been playing out there even though we told them over and over again not to get close to them or touch them.
As Shannon, Arnold and the kids were leaving, she yelled for me to come out and bring my camera and I saw this.  I love baby duck ducks!
It was such a nice, fun weekend, eating lots and spending time with our family.  

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