Tuesday, May 17, 2011

31 Days of May ~ Day 16

16.  Biggest Pet Peeves.

* Liars drive me crazy.
* I hate when we make plans to do something with other people and the plans don't happen they way I built them up in my mind.  That's more about me than anyone else.  I have a bad habit of building things up in my head to be so much more than they ever are.
* I hate big cowboy trucks with their deer antler stickers...so annoying.
* I hate people who who think their children are inconveniencing to them and don't take care of them...if they only knew what a special gift a child is.

1 comment:

Vicki said...

I share some of these same peeves, but every time i get annoyed with my kids I am always humbled by your story. then i always say a little prayer for you and me to be more grateful :/

I was going to tell you i saw this amazing story on Oprah where a 60 year old mother was a surrogate for her daughter. DId you see it? I t was so special and I would do that for you in a second if you ever come to that point in your journey through this. Keep it in the fam sista :)