Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Trip To Yellowstone!! Day 2, pt 1

So we got up bright and early Saturday morning to head into the park.  I have never seen Rosie get ready so quickly in the 10 years that I've known her!  We stopped at the local gas station to gas up before we headed in and I, being the idiot that I am, had left our tripod on top of the car (yes, I did it again) as we left the hotel.  Luckily, it was still up there when we stopped for gas, Josh grounded me, yet again, from putting ANYTHING on top of the car.  We got some hot chocolate (it was chilly at 8 am) and stopped at the golden arches for some quick breakfast.  Then we went through the gates into the most beautiful park in America.
Oh, driving into the park first thing in the morning when it's still a little chilly out and the sun is coming out to greet you, it's just beautiful.  Josh and I both agree that morning was the best part of the trip, just taking in the beauty God created for us.
Our first stop was along this beautiful, fly fishing only, river.  It was so peaceful.
We saw our first wildlife in the park, a few elk.
We stopped at another beautiful river.  It was so pretty.
The water was so crystal clear.
Roaring Mt.
There is literally steam coming out of it.
We went clear up the border of Montana to the Mammoth Hot Springs.  They weren't too impressive at first.  I thought they were dead.
It looked like the surface of the moon and the sky was so blue.  (blogger doesn't do these pictures justice)
Then, around the corner is the first hint of a thermal pool, finally something!
Josh and Rosie didn't want to fight with the big group of people ahead of us all over the mountain so I went to explore the Canary Spring while they waited for me...for like an hour!
I passed the tour group as the ranger was talking about the different rocks and got to the top of a spring.  I was so beautiful up there.
 I got to Canary Springs and realized there was so much more that Josh and Rosie were missing.  It's amazing and scary to me that this is just coming out of the Earth up there.
 I got to the end of the walk-way and turned around to head back and ran right into the huge tour group.  I tried to make my way through them without falling into the boiling thermal pools and not bump into anyone.
I met back up with Josh and Rosie and we finished walking through the springs, although the Canary Springs were the most impressive and active.
 We headed back out on the road to go back toward Old Faithful.  It was a long drive but we had so much fun together and the scenery was just the best part.


Treesa Porter said...

Beautiful photos sweetheart!! Can't believe you didn't see the falls. I'll have to be the tour guide next summer I guess huh? It is such a beautiful and amazing place, and roaring mountain freaked me out. There is steam coming out of the ground like it's just waiting to erupt!

Vicki said...

Yes it is crazy that this just comes right out of the ground whats Crazier is that we live so close to it :/ Beautiful country though