Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Frayer's Visit!

We were so excited when Jaimee told us she was coming to Provo for the weekend.  We haven't seen her and her family for about 5 years or so and we miss them so much.  She was staying at her sister's house for a week before school started back up so we headed down to Provo on Saturday.
Josh and Jaimee have been friends since they were 12, the same age as Jaimee's oldest, Alex.  It's crazy to think of them being so young and being friends all these years later.
Jason, Jaimee's husband, was going to try to come up from Vegas on Saturday but didn't make it because of work.  We would have loved to have seen him.  Jaimee and Jason are those types of friends who you consider some of your very best friends even though you may not talk to them for months or don't see them for years.  It doesn't matter how much time has passed, we just pick up where we left off and it's like no time has passed at all.  I love seeing them.  I wish we lived closer together.
They had a baby boy about a year ago.  We usually try to get down to Vegas soon after they have a new baby but we never made it this year so we were excited to finally meet little Brodie.  Oh my goodness, he is adorable.  He was scooting around the kitchen in his little walker and Josh came around the corner and picked him right up.  Brodie was not happy about that at all!  He was leery of Josh after that even though they tried everything to get him to like him.  It was so good to see their kids again.  They are getting so big and I feel bad that we've missed so much of their childhood.
While the kids were all playing and Brodie was sleeping, Josh, Jaimee, Teri and I sat around the table with a big bag of trail mix and talked.  We got on the subject of whether or not Jaimee and Jason were going to have another baby.  I didn't understand why at first, but Teri got really uncomfortable and tried to change the subject.  She did it for us.  She didn't want to make us uncomfortable or feel bad.  I was so taken aback that someone was thinking about us in that type of a situation for once.  We told her it was okay.  There are people who those types of conversations bother me and get me upset but not with Jaimee.  I've never been that way toward her and Jason.  We talked about our situation and what was going on.  We talked about adoption and if we had considered that, and we have.  It is something we really want to do and are beginning to prepare to make those steps.  Teri told us about her husband's adoption as a child from Samoa and it was amazing.  It was hard for me and I guess still is, to think I may never get to feel my baby inside me.  I may never get to have that amazing, special experience of pregnancy and everything that goes along with it, the good and the bad.  Slowly though, that is becoming easier for me to accept.  We want children, no matter how they get here.  It was a great afternoon spent with great friends having a very real conversation.
We went out to dinner with Jaimee's family to Rubio's before we headed home.  I hated leaving them.  I wish we could have stayed all night and talked into the wee hours of the morning.  We are trying to get Jaimee and Jason to move back up here and they are trying, too.  Hopefully soon!
Jaimee's sister, Julie, took a photo of us and the kids before we left.  The boys were pulling faces and making their mom mad!
Then we got one with Jaimee in it.  Oh, I love them.


Marvett Smith said...

You are going to be the best mom ever Kandice. I love all of your posts and how much you love children.

Treesa Porter said...

Oh my goodness her kids are so cute! I can't believe little flower girl Alex is such a big beautiful girl now. She looks so much like her mommy!