Monday, August 22, 2011

Trip to Yellowstone!! Day 1

I was so excited when Rosie asked to take us to Yellowstone for the weekend for a little getaway.  I had never been there and couldn't wait for our weekend trip to finally get here!  We got all loaded up early Friday morning and waited for Rosie to get up here.  We headed toward West Yellowstone and stopped in Idaho Falls to see the Bodies exhibit as we passed through.
It was really interesting to see the different systems of the body broken down and in the raw to see what it truly looks like and how it works.  The circulatory system room was my favorite.  They injected the veins throughout the body with some polymer stuff that hardens them and then they take everything else away so they veins, arteries and capillaries are all that are left stained red.  There was a full body and a foot and arm.  It was really cool.  They didn't allow any photography in there so I couldn't get any pictures.  The baby room was the hardest thing to walk through.  There were little babies in jars from 9 weeks up to 22 weeks gestation.  They were so small and I had to fight back the tears knowing what our miscarried baby would have looked like.
Then we headed back out on the road toward West Yellowstone.  The eastern part of Idaho is not pretty.  We saw some windmills, they freak me out.
Went past Rexburg and the temple.
It was quite boring until we could see the Grand Tetons in the distance.  Those mountains are beautiful.
  Then we got to Ashton right before you finally get into some woods up through Island Park.
Josh and I were laughing while we drove through because it looked like it was straight out of the movie The Great Outdoors with John Candy.  It was really pretty though.
I loved how these clouds are all flat on the bottom and fluffy on top.
We finally rolled into West Yellowstone, MT at around 6:30.  We got to our hotel and got unloaded.  So happy to be at the hotel!  (sorry, high ISO = really grainy)
We rested for a bit and then decided we better hit the town to find somewhere to eat.  We decided to go to a pizza joint.  There was a little casino in the bar part of this place and we saw this awesome sign!
There are some interesting motels in that town.  I thought this color tv sign was so cool.
We went back to our hotel room for the night and prepared ourselves for the fun day ahead of us!  I was so excited!

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Treesa Porter said...

I love your photos!! The color tv sign is classic. Can't wait to go next year as a family!!