Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Trip Back to Idaho Falls

I went for a little day trip with my mom, Chelsie and Brian up to Idaho Falls to see the Bodies exhibit.  We left early Saturday morning and stopped at a restaurant in Pocatello for breakfast that Chelsie and Brian had told us about.  The food was really good and they had the most amazing blueberry rolls (like cinnamon rolls).  Oh, they were to die for!  And they each weighed about a pound!
We got back out on the road.  The Bodies exhibit was so busy compared to what it was when Josh, Rosie and I were there the week before.  We spent more time looking at everything.  My mom and sister loved it and Brian was a little uneasy with some of it.  We also walked through the Idaho history part of the museum, since it was in the Museum of Idaho!  We were in there for a few hours and were done.  I really wanted to go to the falls that run through the town and to see the temple.  We walked along the river and looked at the fall and the temple as we got closer.  They have different benches for different things about Idaho.  
The spud bench.
The rainbow trout.
The Appaloosa horse.
The falls were pretty but that view with the temple in the background is just beautiful!
We headed back toward home and stopped in Pocatello to eat at Red Lobster, one of our favorites!
The ride home was so cool.  There was a big thunderstorm coming in and we watched the lightning all the way.
I love when I can spend time with my family.  I sometimes feel like, as the big sister, that I don't spend enough time with my little brother and sister.  And that we are growing apart.  But when I get to spend time with one of them we pick up right where we left off.


Ernie B. said...

You really had a great time with your family! ^.^

Treesa Porter said...

We had so much fun!! My favorite times are spent with my kiddos! So glad we got to go. The Bodies exhibit was just so cool!