Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I say this every year and as the number of years increases, I still say it.  I can't believe we've been married for 8 years but yet it feels like an eternity at the same time.  I'm so blessed and lucky to have such an amazing husband.  Josh, you are my everything.  You make me so happy.  When I have my dark, depressed days, you are always my ray of sunshine that shines through, pulls me out and makes me laugh.
To celebrate our 8th anniversary, I took the day off work and we just spent the day together.  Didn't go anywhere fancy or have any great plans, just the two of us being together.  I did want to go up to where we went camping last month to get a picture of the tree Josh carved J+K into.  I'm a blonde and forgot to get a picture of it before we left camp so we headed up there after Josh slept for a few hours after getting home from work.  On the way up we experienced a bull fight.  These two white bulls were butting heads for the 20 or so  minutes we sat (safely in the Jeep) watching them.  The females in the herd were not happy and one just kept bellowing like she was yelling at them to stop.  And a few babies almost got ran over by the two of them a few times throughout their fight.  They broke up for a minute and one looked straight at us and we decided we need to move up the mountain.
 We got to the spot and got the tripod set up to get pictures.  There were not any mosquitoes this time but were a lot of flies and Josh hates flies just as much as mosquitoes so we had to hurry.
 I love that he carved this into the tree.  I've always wanted to have our initials in a tree somewhere.  When I was little and we would go to my Great Grandpa's cabin, all of the couples names were carved into the aspen trees up there and I wanted to have my name carved in a tree when I got married.  We have been to the cabin once since we were married and never carved our names anywhere so I guess this makes it officially our first tree.:)
We drove back to Logan, had dinner at Chili's and went home.  We just relaxed on the couch the rest of the night.  It was a perfect day.
Happy 8 years, Honey.  I love you.
"Love is old, Love is new, Love is all, Love is you."


Marvett Smith said...

Happy Anniversary! So glad you had such a great day with your best friend!

Treesa Porter said...

I love you both and you guys are so blessed to have such a great relationship and friendship! Happy Number 8!!

Ang and Rick said...

Happy Anniversary!