Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bright Eyes

My brother and sister in law invited Josh and I to go see Bright Eyes in SLC at the Twilight Concert Series in Pioneer Park.  We have said we really wanted to go see him if he came to town so we were excited!  We got down to Salt Lake and went to an early dinner at California Pizza Kitchen before we headed into the park.
There wasn't a big crowd by the stage yet so we were able to cradle ourselves against a big tree so we would have enough room throughout the concert and not get swallowed in the crowd.  Wild Nothing was the band that opened up for Bright Eyes.  They were okay, really 80's.  We were all so excited for Conor Oberst to come out and when he finally did, it was awesome...except for the multiple smoke clouds that went up throughout the crowd.
The crowd kept getting larger and larger up where we were and apparently we made the walkway for everyone going to get their beer and coming back.  And when people would come back, they miraculously found a whole bunch more friends to squeeze up by us, I was so irritated and couldn't fully enjoy the concert.
It got to the point of us leaving when a guy who is a good foot taller than Brittiney came and stood in front of her.  She asked him to move so she could see and he ignored her and then I was enraged.  Of course we were yelling because it was so loud but he was so arrogant and ignorant to the two of us asking him to please move and not come stand in front of her.  We had been in the same spot since 5:30 and it was now about 4 hours later and people were crowding and squeezing more and more around us.  He was such a jerk and Josh didn't want us to get in a fight so we walked out of the park and back to the car.  I was so mad we had to leave because judging from his set lists from other concerts leading up to that one, our favorite songs were coming up.  It was such a good concert though.

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Marvett Smith said...

Looks like fun. Sorry you had to leave before your favorite songs. Great images!