Thursday, August 25, 2011

Jackson Hole

It was such a beautiful drive from Yellowstone through Grand Teton Nat'l Park and into Jackson.
I love the Grand Teton mountains, they are so majestic and beautiful.  On the way through the mountains of the Grand Teton Nat'l Park we saw a blinking construction sign that said "Bear with cubs, use caution".  We had our eyes peeled to the woods trying to see them.  Unfortunately we never did.
After a long day in the car, we were so happy to finally get into Jackson Hole.  Wow, that place is just beautiful.
We checked into our hotel and went to find somewhere to eat.  Found a nice local restaurant with home-cooked food that was delicious.  We were all so exhausted that we just decided to go back to the hotel and rest for the night.  I kind of regret that decision since it was the only night we were going to be in Jackson, it would have been fun to see the night life.  But once we got back to the hotel, none of us were awake for very long!
We got up early Sunday morning to head home.  We had breakfast and walked around the town for a little bit seeing what there was to see.  I love all the hotel fronts and signs.

We went to the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar that Rosie had told us about.  She told us how crazy fun it gets in there at night.  The bar stools are all saddles, so cool!!
Have to get the traditional pictures by the iconic elk horn arch!  I love doing traditional stuff like this!
 We headed home and enjoyed the scenery.  We stopped at a camp ground just outside of Jackson along the Snake River that was so pretty!  We really want to go camping there next year!
Josh got his moose hat as his souvenir in Jackson!  He loves it and was so excited to find it!  And he has a mouth full of sunflower seeds...a road trip must!

 The rest of the trip home was pretty uneventful except for driving under the world's largest elk horn arch in Afton!
It was such an amazing, memorable trip!  There is so much to see through Yellowstone and Jackson and we definitely plan on going back to see more and more of it!
Thank you to Rosie for taking us on such a fun trip!


Marvett Smith said...

Beautiful images, and I love the one of Josh with the hat!

Ang and Rick said...

As always, beautiful pictures! This makes me want to go to Jackson Hole bad!