Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fun Times At The Fair

When the fair comes to town, it's a big deal.  You gotta go out and see what new thing they will think of to fry and what cool things they are selling this year, and of course to get yourself some good carni food.  Tara and I decided to leave the boys at home and to have a girls' night the fair.
We made the loop around to see what was there and got ourselves a mug of vanilla cream soda.  Along with the normal fried twinkies and oreos, they had fried coke.  Yep, coke.  
Tinsel and feathers are such a big thing right now to put in your hair and we didn't see any feathers that we would want to pay the ridiculous prices they were asking for at some booths so we decided to get some tinsel in instead.  She got purple and I, of course, got pink.
 We walked through more booths and got ourselves some deliciously fried funnel cakes with cinnamon sugar and powdered sugar.  We sat down to eat and had ourselves some good people watching.  Oh those funnel cakes were yummy!
We walked through the quilting area to see the ones that had won ribbons.  I so wish I knew how to quilt and sew!
It was good to get away just the two of us to have some good girl talk that we can't have at work or with the boys.

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Marvett Smith said...

I missed it this year! Blah! Glad you made it. I love your images!