Sunday, December 6, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

It's about time I post our Thanksgiving weekend!! We had Thanksgiving with my family on Wednesday night. We had to wait until after Josh got out of school before we could go up there. When we got there, we walked in to family pictures being taken. My Grandpa & Grandma Porter were there, too! They came up to see baby Gavin.
We had yummy dinner and dessert. I'm glad Chelsie was able to come home, we missed Brian though.
We went down to Josh's mom's for Thanksgiving with his brother's Shane and Austin. Shane had Lucy for the weekend so we got to spend time with her, too. She's so cute and really opened up to Josh and I. She was my little friend for the day.
Josh and Shane looking through some old pictures from when they were little.
Rosie had been working hard all day in the kitchen making our yummy dinner. We had a couple of little mishaps with the turkey but it all tasted very good! It was really fun to hang out with them and to see baby Lucy. I wish Tycen would have been there but he was in New Mexico with his mom. We all watched A Christmas Story together. We all didn't make it very far into it before we all were napping! Lucy didn't take a nap all day so she and I took a nap on the couch.
My mom and Chelsie were going down to Spanish Fork to see my aunts, cousins and Grandma. Josh and I met them at Thanksgiving Point so I could go down to Spanish Fork with them for the weekend and Josh had to get back up to Logan to work the weekend.
We got down to Aspen's in time to have Thanksgiving again! It was really fun to see everyone down there and to spend time with them.
We were down there to go to a craft fair with my aunts. My mom brought all her jewelry down to sell, my aunt Amanda made some VERY, VERY cute magnet boards and wood blocks and my Aunt Aspen made some tiles with the vinyl writing on them. Amanda also had make these Grinch's. She had some more to paint so she had my mom draw the lines on them.
I stayed the night at Aspen's and she and I were up til 2 am putting the vinyl on the tiles. Aspen's little boy, Draven, was up with us watching RV. It's been a LONG time since I was up that late! We had a lot of fun playing with her Cricut, though!
The craft fair started Friday morning. Aspen and I got there just in time for it to start. Our booth was pretty small for all 5 of us to be smashed in there, but we had fun being together.
There weren't very many people there the first day and nobody was really buying anything from any of the vendors there. So we had Avery go outside with one of her mom's, my aunt Amanda, magnet boards to try to get people to come in. She was really cute and such a good sport!
The Light Parade was going on Friday night so I went to watch it with my cousins, Amanda and Aspen.
Jaylen, Wyatt, Draven and Hallie watching the parade.
Then all of us girls and Nielson went to see New Moon. They all loved it. Chelsie had never read the books and but after that movie she started reading them and hasn't been able to put them down! It was a blast with all of them.
We were at the craft fair again on Saturday and people were buying more than they were on Friday. My mom did pretty good so we were happy about that! We came home after the fair got over that night, but it was a really fun weekend. I felt bad for Josh who had to work all weekend and I really missed him.
I finally got the Christmas decorations up in our house and with the snowfall yesterday it is finally feeling like Christmas. I don't know why it has to be so bitter cold though!


Bowler Family said...

So glad you had a fun Thanksgiving! I love how close you are with your family Awesome!

byebyedays said...

Glad to see you had a great Thanksgiving with the families... HOLY WATCH BANDS! WOW, I can't believe how many she has, FUN!