Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve Party

We always go to my Grandpa and Grandma Porter for our Christmas party on Christmas Eve. We missed last year because it was snowing so I was really happy we were able to go this year. We never are be able to get everyone there but we did have a good bunch so we took a big family photo. We had MORE yummy food and opened gifts. Then my cousin's cute wife made a slideshow of photos of everyone throughout the year. She did a great job, I can't wait to get my copy!
Whenever my dad gets together with his brothers and sisters, stories of their childhood always get told. They are so entertaining to hear. It's amazing they all survived! My dad is so cute while he's telling his crazy stories, he's got the biggest grin. I love hearing his stories!
My cute parents
My cute Grandparents
Some of all of us
We hope you all had a great day full of food and family!

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Vicki said...

Hey you should video or audio tape those stories they willlbe priceless someday.