Monday, December 21, 2009

Work Christmas Party

On Wednesday we had our clinic Christmas party. I love where I work, everyone is so nice and awesome. It's so nice and fun to work with my best friend, I love it! We had a big pot luck for lunch and the food was really good. We all drew names and exchanged gifts.
Me & Tara
Trudy & Jynjr

Dr. Welter has a pair of green shoes that he wears for the Green Bay Packers and Trudy has made fun of him for wearing them. Well...he drew her name for the gift exchange and guess what he got her...
Green shoes to match his, and she wore them for the rest of the day!
It was a fun party and great for all of us to get together in the same room and visit. I work in such a great place, I love it!


byebyedays said...

You are so cute, HATE that picture of me, but I'll just get you back some time.;) It was a very fun party fo sho!

Nicole said...

OH!!! That was such a fun lunch! We work with too fun of people I guess haha! The pics are cute. I wish I woulda thought to bring my time =)