Sunday, December 13, 2009

Visiting Santa, Tara's Birthday & Snow

Santa Claus was at Smith's Marketplace on Friday night and since Josh had to work I went with my mom and Jade and Brittiney to take Branson and Gavin to see him. Branson DID NOT like Santa! Even after Santa gave him a candy cane, he still didn't like him much.
Gavin didn't mind him though! He was wide awake and was so good!
Branson was much better after he got a donut and some apple juice! He didn't take his eye off Santa while we were around him, though!

It was Tara's birthday on Saturday so that night we all went out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. It was crazy packed in there! Atty informed us that it was a Christmas dance at Logan High so there were a bunch of kids there for dinner before the dance and lucky us, we got to sit right behind a group of them! They were so LOUD!! Dinner was really good, they have some really yummy lemonade. Cody told our waitress that it was Tara's birthday without her knowing it. I would have killed Josh if he told them it was my birthday. I don't like being sung to out in public and neither does Tara. So they brought her a bowl of ice cream and a saddle to sit on and we all had to yell Yee-Haw! She was a good sport about it!
After dinner we went over to Cody and Tara's to watch the rest of the good Jazz game. It's always so much fun spending time with our best friends! Happy Birthday Tara!
It's been snowing all weekend and I love it! It definitely feels more like Christmas now. Josh and I have been home all day. He's had a lot of homework and tests to do so I've been helping him with that. He has this next week of school then he's out til the first week of next year and he's so excited! I'm so proud of him and his dedication to school. He's doing so well. It's going to be hard for the next few years and we won't see each other as much as we would like but we'll make the most of the time we do get to see each other. I'm so blessed to have him as my husband!


Treesa Porter said...

We are very proud of Josh too. We love you guys!

byebyedays said...

Well thanks for the warning! I won't EVER go THERE on a birthday!!! Tara looks so pretty in that picture, even pissed!;) Your nephew is so dang cute, what a little doll!

TeamGornold said...

oh my gosh your blog is so cute! i love it. i also love how perfectly placed branson is between the 99 cent sign. i miss you often and really cannot wait until our dinner on friday... where do you wanna go? i could do a sit down leave a tip place or something where no tip is required!
i am excited

Nicole said...

haha! That is such a cute pic of Tara! She looks darling! HAHAHA she had to ride the saddle...hilarious! I loke your background...sooooooo cute!