Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009: The Year in Pictures

Well we're about to say good-bye to  2009, and going to welcome 2010.  Let's take a look at what happened in 2009 shall we?
We made some ridiculous New Year's Resolutions for 2009 and didn't accomplish any of our resolutions, except Josh DID start school and is doing so well!
We had lots of birthdays, including Josh's 33rd, and yummy dinner with friends to celebrate.

We were introduced to the Wii with Noah, Lu and DJ.  Lots of fun!

And I spent lots of time babysitting this little guy.

I went to the Salt Lake Interfaith Roundtable to see Noah and Elizabeth perform

We celebrated my 27th birthday

And made some hard decisions that really worked out for the best.
We got hit with yet another HUGE snowstorm

And then I saw the first signs of Spring!

And Wrinkles was loving lying in the sun

My family got together down in Spanish Fork
Me, my Grandma and my Mom

Most of the grandkids with my Grandma.  We're missing Josh, Sheadon and Kallie.

I went to one of Elizabeth's many dance competitions.  And LOVED it!
Josh and I colored Easter eggs with Jade, Brit and Branson at my parents.

Our kitty Sammy passed away and we still miss him so much.

Josh and I  went to another one of Lu's dance competitions

And Josh REALLY enjoyed it!

And I fell off a bike.  It hurt.

I got my new camera!  And took the first pictures of my sweet furbabies.

And my mom and I went to Twin Falls to stay with my sister and Brian to take their engagement and bridal pictures.

We had Joanna's baby shower and Chelsie's bridal shower on the same day that was also Chelsie's birthday.

And my work got struck by lightning which lead to almost a month of hell at work.
Chelsie and Brian finally got married!

We had fun playing with my camera on the 24th.

We celebrated our 6th year of marriage.

And went on an extra fun trip to St. George with our besties.

I watched Noah at one of his baseball practices for the first time, he's awesome!

And played tennis with my DJ.

I went out to Glendale to see my sis and Brian while they were here camping.

We learned how to play Nazi Zombies over at my friend's.  Very fun!
We had a very interesting dog breeding experience with Cody & Tara.

I got my awesome new job that I absolutely love.  Even though I  do miss some of the girls I used to work with, I love the girls I work with now.
And we introduced Yoko into our family.

I watched my first baseball game of Noah's.  He's so much fun to watch!

Lucy had her 1st birthday party.

Tara and I made Bakerella's mini pumpkin pies while the boys played Halo.

We saw Zombieland, and LOVED it.
I took pictures of Branson.

We celebrated Branson's 1st birthday

then 3 days later, his little brother was born.
Welcome to the world Gavin!

And we met sweet Brinley.

We took pictures of Gavin.

We had Thanksgiving dinner three times.
I went down to Spanish Fork with my mom and sister to go to a craft boutique.
And had a great time with all of my family down there.

We celebrated Tara's birthday and she had to sit on a saddle.

Branson had a great time meeting Santa.

We had LOTS of Christmas parties to attend and had fun at every one of them.

And had a wonderful Christmas filled with family.

2009 is history, now we welcome 2010 and all the great things it will bring!


Callaways said...

That's awesome.... great post... I'm to lazy for that big of a recap. Glad we could be a big part of your 2009, and will be hanging, and sticking around for 2010. Love ya!!

Mommy Dearest said...

Hey Kandice! This is Shawn's wife, Michelle. I found your blog through Amy's blog. What a fabulous post with all your pictures! I'm glad to see there is another Gavin in the family...ours is almost 9!

Rick and Angelia said...

Super cute post! That is a great idea to do a year recap! I love all of your photos!

byebyedays said...

You sure captured it with some great pics! I'm sure 2010 will be even better! Mine is already since I've known you!:)