Tuesday, December 29, 2009

After Christmas Party

We couldn't get a weekend figured out to have my Grandma Pat's Christmas party that everyone could come before Christmas so we decided to have it after Christmas. So we had it on Saturday. Most all of us could be there and it was lots and lots of fun! We were missing my sister and Brian, my Uncle Lynn, Aunt Jolene and their kids Sheadon and Callie. Josh had to work until 11 am (after working 16 hours) that day so we went down to Spanish Fork after he got off. We got there a little late but we hurried and ate then were ready to visit with everyone and play the games. We started with Josh singing Christmas songs so the kids could sing along. He did a great job and the kids loved it. We have two games, one for the kids and one for the adults. It's kind of like the white elephant game but we buy gifts for under $10 then play games and pick gifts out, then after everyone is done we can exchange them if we want. For the adult game, we decided Josh would play a song on the guitar and we had to finish the phrase of the song to pick a present. He did a really good job and was such a good sport.
Branson was loving laying on my Grandma's legs as she moved them up and down, it almost put him to sleep.
He got a fire truck for his present and it kept him busy for a very long time, he loved it!And here's sweet Baby Gavin. He's getting big and is such a good baby.
Here's Bennett, he's a month older than Branson and so cute!
Random pics of everyone

Ashlin got a bearded dragon for Christmas and the poor thing got passed around to everyone who wanted to hold it...NOT me. I did touch it though.
Here's Nielson with it napping under his shirt
Here's Wyatt kinda freaked out by it
Here's Aspen with it
Here's sweet River touching the dragon, he was pretty interested in it.

We took pictures of all of us that were there. My mom and her siblings minus Uncle Lynn with my Grandma.
Then all of us grandkids and great grandkids minus Chelsie, Brian, Shea and Callie.

It was a great party. I love hanging out with all my family. The little cousins all have so much fun together and I love catching up with my Aunts and Uncle, we're so close in age and had so much fun growing up together.


The Foster's said...

I'm with your Grandma...let's drag Christmas out a little longer;) Good times go by too fast! PS, love the blog.

byebyedays said...

That pic of the dude with that weird thing in his croch is pretty funny! (Nice shot Kandice:) Looks like a great ol time with your HUGE fam! And the party continues... Can't wait to see your New Year's 2010 post!!!