Wednesday, December 1, 2010

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

While Josh was at the Jazz/Laker game I put some Christmas music on and put up our Christmas decorations.  I love getting my tree up each year and looking at all the decorations that have special meanings to us.
My Great Grandparents gave all of us kids ornaments from Avon for Christmas for the last few years of their lives.  We loved getting the package in the mail and seeing what the ornament would be that year.  My Great Grandma engraved our names on each of them every year until she wasn't able to see very well and handle the engraver then she had my aunt Aspen do it for her.  They are some of my favorite ornaments on our tree, they mean so much to me.  I love getting them out each year and seeing her handwriting.
Josh's mom gave us this ornament the first year we were married.  I love it.
Frah-jee-lay!  I love this ornament.

And I love me some Christmas tree bokeh!


Callaways said...

so cute... your photos are always so cool... you need to start a business.. Cody can do your marketing!!

Marvett Smith said...

Love your tree Kandice! The leg lamp ornament is also my fav!

The Foster's said...

Waay pretty pics and love that your ornaments all have sentimental meaning, make that tree all the more special;) Merry Christmas Kandice!!!

Rick and Angelia said...

Beautiful picts! I love Christmas Story ornament!