Friday, December 24, 2010

New 'Do!

I have been trying to grow my hair out a little but it was driving me crazy.  I hated the way it looked, it had so much bulk to it.  I felt like my hair looked like Rick Moranis's helmet in Spaceballs...
not cute.
Tara has been wanting to cut her hair off for a few months now but she was going to wait until spring to do it.  She decided to do it now and asked me if I would come take pictures of her doing it, then she asked if I would want to get my hair cut, too.  So Thursday night after work we went to  Hannah at Hair Studio 170.  If anyone is looking for a good stylist in Cache Valley, go see her!  She did a great job!
Here's Tara before...
Then she cuts it off!
Then it was my turn, me before...
all gone!
And we had lots of fun and lots of laughs!
Then she straightened it for me.  I only straighten it when I get my hair cut because it takes so long for me to do it and my straightener isn't very good.
Here's the finished cuts.  We both went for an A-line cut, mine is more dramatic than Tara's.  I am not one to experiment with my hair.  I always just get the same cut and maybe if I'm feeling crazy, I get some highlights.  But I haven't done that since I don't know when, it's been a long time.  I'm so glad I was daring and went for  the A-line, I love it and Josh likes it too, so that makes it even better!
 This is the shortest I've ever gone, I let it be curly this morning to see how short it would be.  It's really short so I straightened it again and went and bought a good flat iron.  It'll be straight a lot more now!
Thanks Tara!!
Merry Christmas Eve everyone!!  I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas full of family, food and love!!


Marvett Smith said...

I love it Kandice!

Jessie said...

Hey...I love it! But I also love your curls :) Fun new look, but the straightening gets old doesn't it? :) I miss u...hope you have a awesome new year!