Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Weekend Part 2

So the day after Christmas, my mom and sister and I headed down to my Uncle Jedd and Aunt Kaycee's house for my Grandma Pat's Christmas party.  Josh was getting sick so he didn't want to go and get everyone else sick.  Brian and my dad had to work but Jade, Brit and the boys met us down there.
We met our new baby cousin, Zane, when we got there.  Oh my, he is cute and so cuddly!
baby zane
The kids were downstairs playing Just Dance on the Wii.  It was so funny watching Ashlin, Sierra and Keaton dance!
just dance
Once everyone got there, it was time to eat!  My uncle Jedd is a chef at Thanksgiving Point and makes amazing food.  He made prime rib for everyone.  I'm not much of a meat eater but I did have a slice and it was pretty good!  The rest of the food was also yummy.
While we were eating, Branson fell down the stairs.  He cried for a minute but was fine after that.  I took him down the Jedd and Kaycee's huge playroom and got out the dinosaurs and zoo animals out for him.  He and Gavin just thought that room was awesome!  They played and played pretty much for the rest of the day in there with Bennett and River.
Corby and Jade got in on trying to put the Lincoln Log train track together while Gavin took it apart.
We all moved down to the entertainment room for the presents.  The kids did their white elephant game and then the adults did theirs.  I got a Febreeze candle that smells amazing!  It was lots of fun.  Then it was time for the real presents.  My Grandma has been working on a labor of love for her kids since the beginning of the year and gave it to them for Christmas.  It's my Great-Grandpa Nielson's missionary journal while he was in Sweden.  She had been typing it up all year and had it printed into a book for them.
grandpa nielson
She gave up older grandchildren a disc with the pfd file on it.  Tears were shed by mom and I.  It is such a neat thing to have.  It's amazing to see how many places he served and to read his thoughts while he was out on his mission.  I loved looking through his pictures, he was such a handsome guy!  This one cracked me up!
porta potty
It is something that will be cherished by all of us forever.  Thank you Grandma, it was such a wonderful present.
Me and my baby sister.  Oh how I love her!
lil sis & me
It was starting to snow so we got on the road to come home, luckily we missed the storm.  It was such a fun day with our family, I love them!
I hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

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Treesa Porter said...

Oh you're a sweetheart ... can't wait until I have a few extra minutes to read grandpa's journal. It truly was a labor of love. Grandma's a sweetheart too. Thanks for riding along with me and making the day special.