Monday, December 6, 2010

Girls' Night Out...With The Boys

We had a med student at work during the summer and we all got to be good friends with her.  She lives down in Salt Lake and had been inviting us to come down and hang out with her.  So we all decided on a date.  Saturday morning came and it was super foggy and 2 of the girls decided to bail on us.  Tara and I decided to wait til a little later to let the fog clear out and since it would just be the 2 of us going, we took Atty and Josh.  Cody was in Denver so he couldn't go.
We got to Uyen's house and decided where to go to dinner.  We settled on Rodizio Grill.  We have never been there but have heard lots about it.  We got there just in time to beat the dinner rush.  Tara and I decided on the salad bar while Uyen, Josh and Atty went for the meat.  The salad bar was big and had lots of yummy things.  We all got a coconut lemonade that was de.lici.ous.  Heaven in a glass.
The first meat stick they brought around was...chicken hearts...ewww.  Josh and Atty tried one.  Josh said it was really quite gross and gristley.  Atty tried a quail egg from the salad bar.
We thought they would have more exotic meat than they did.  The only weird thing was the chicken heart, other than that it was pork roast, steaks and chicken.

There was an empty chair at our table for Cody.  We all missed having him there, I think Josh and Atty especially!
After dinner, Uyen took us to get some gelato.  It was so good.  I got pineapple and it was so yummy.  Then we went back to Uyen's house to hang out for a bit.
Then we went to Temple Square before heading home.  I love going there at Christmas time.  I love seeing the lights and just the feeling down there.  The Salt Lake temple is my very favorite of all the temples.
 It was such a fun night and was so fun to see Uyen for a while.  We need to do it again!


Marvett Smith said...

Ok. Just thinking about the chicken heart makes me gag! I'm glad you had a fun night out though!

Callaways said...

it was so fun!!! Love hanging with you guys..