Saturday, December 18, 2010

Grandma Lowe's Christmas Party

Tonight was my Grandma Lowe's annual Christmas party and Josh wasn't able to come with me this year.  So I met my mom and dad at their house before we all headed over to the party.  My brother couldn't go either since he was at work but my sister and her husband were there to keep me company.  We ate dinner and then went to pick up Branson and Gavin who were at home with Brittiney to open presents.  We played a white elephant game and the blue slinky, coloring book and crayons saved us!
After we were done opening our gifts Branson really really wanted to go outside and look at the lights.  He loved looking at them and kept saying "Hi Reindeer" and was digging in the snow.
I put my gloves on his hands so he didn't get frostbite and he wanted to have a snowball fight with me!
We played outside for a while in the snow.  Branson was having so much fun!  He didn't want to go inside to warm up but  I finally got him into my car and turned the heat on for him.  We had so much fun playing though and the party was great!

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Marvett Smith said...

The snow looks like so much fun!