Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend

We had Thanksgiving with my family this year up in Franklin.  I got up early that morning to get my food assignments made, I made my Great Grandma's creamed corn and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.  I got the cookies made and waited to make the corn til we got up to Franklin.  We got ready for the day then headed up. I had to get my day 10 FSH drawn and forgot about it, so we had to turn around and go back to our house to get the order.
We got up to Franklin and everyone was there.  I thought we would have time to get the corn at least half made before everyone got there but forgetting to get my blood drawn and the trip to the lab made us later than I wanted to be.  My aunts from Spanish Fork came up with their kids.  It was great to have them there for the first time, usually we go down there.
The dinner was delicious.  I found this brine recipe for the turkey and my mom made it, so good.  I ate til I was sick!
It was fah-reezing cold.  When we left Logan it was 1 degree, 1!  Way too cold!  When we got done eating, my sister took all the cousins who wanted to go over to Grilly Grove.  It's a hill behind where we used to live that we went sledding down all winter every winter.  We had lots of birthday parties there growing up between my brother and I.  I wanted to go with them but it was way too cold.  They braved it though but only lasted about 20 minutes then they were back.
Josh and Jade played some games of Chess.  And Wyatt and Jaylen helped.
We didn't do much on Friday.  My mom and I didn't hit up the Black Monday sales this year.  It was nice to sleep in and stay in my jammies all morning.  Josh got invited to go to the Jazz/Laker game with Cody and Tara.  He went and I stayed home, put Christmas music on and put up my tree.
Saturday we were planning on going down to Provo to see Jaimee and Jason while they were up here from Vegas.  We couldn't get in touch with them which bummed us out.  But Tara texted us and said they were standing in line for Harry Potter.
We hurried and got there just as the previews were starting.  I loved it, some things that I thought were important were either changed or left out but still  I loved it.  I really want to go see it again.  The whole time we were in there, I just kept hearing people cough and sneeze and sniffle and I just kept thinking okay, I'm gonna get sick, I don't want to get sick!  Thankfully, I haven't yet!  Loved the movie, can't wait for Part 2.  It will be bitter-sweet.
It was a fabulous Thanksgiving full of the people and things I love.

Things I'm So Thankful For This Year
~My Fantastic Husband, he truly is my best friend~
~My Awesome Family and In-Laws, they are our biggest support system~
~Our Furbabies, I don't know what I'd do without them~
~Our Fabulous Friends, Thank You for all the fun times~
Our Jobs, I'm so thankful we are both employed~
~I'm Thankful To Be An America, I love my freedom~
~The Gospel and my Testimony of it~
And so much more...
Happy Thanksgiving!


Vicki said...

Oh man I haven't been to grilly grove in years. We did have some fun times there :)

Marvett Smith said...

I didn't go shopping this year either. It was just too nice in the warm bed to get out!