Friday, November 26, 2010

Jazz Vs Hornets

We went to the Jazz game Wednesday night with Cody and Tara.  I love going to Jazz games!
  Even better, we got to beat Chris Paul!  Our team is so different this year with a bunch of new players but we are doing really well.
It was such a fun game to be at.  During the 3rd quarter, the  Jazz Bear was going to slide down one of the stairways like he usually does.  But there was an obnoxious Hornets fan standing in the middle of the aisle preventing the Bear from sliding.  He came down and told him to move out of the way and people were pulling him into the seats.  The game started up again so the Bear didn't get to slide down.  The crowd was going wild booing this guy finally security came and escorted the guy out.  It was so loud in there!  They let the guy back in.  A few minutes later the Bear came walking down the aisle with a huge yellow balloon.  He snuck up behind the guy and stole his hat and ran back up the stairs with the guy following him.  The Bear tied his hat to the balloon and when the guy reached out to get it, the Bear let go and his hat went up to the top of the arena!  It was so funny!  Then a few minutes later the Bear came down with a huge cake and again, snuck up behind the guy and smashed it in his face, the crowd went crazy!  Then we had the Little Jazz Bear over by  us a lot of the game spraying silly string on people and he seemed to focus a lot on one guy.  He just kept coming back and spraying this guy.
It was so fun and I'm so glad Cody and Tara invited us!  Thanks guys!


Callaways said...

yay, hopefully more to come... so much fun!!!!

Marvett Smith said...

I have never been to a Jazz game. It sounds like so much fun! I absolutely love that first picture!