Thursday, April 1, 2010

So Not Funny

April Fool's Day brought with it a not very funny joke.  This morning at about 5:30 am I woke up when our power went out and one of our surge protectors was beeping because it wasn't getting any power.  That sound always freaks Wrinkles out and she starts panting and wants to go outside.  When I went in to shut the surge protector off I saw tons of snow outside on the tree branches.  I crawled back in bed trying to get the snow out of my mind.  When it was time to get up, the power was still off.  I took the dogs outside and couldn't believe what I saw...MORE SNOW.

My poor crocus' and tulips, I  hope they survive this terrible cold spell.  By the time I got home from work, some of the snow had melted.  I went out to check on my flowers.  The crocus' did pop their little heads out form under the snow.

It is still bitter cold outside.  Mother Nature, this joke is so not funny.

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byebyedays said...

Yes quite the disappointment! We better see the sun and warmth VERY SOON! Hope your Easter was great! Love ya to pieces!