Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tara's Tattoo for Terrance

I went with Tara to get her latest tattoo on Thursday. I asked her if I could come because I wanted to see it done, be there for support,  and because I wanted to take pictures!! She was supposed to have it done on Saturday but the guy who was doing it had a family emergency and asked if she could come in earlier to get it done. Her appointment was at 6:30 pm so we got there and waited for the guy to get it started. He had to draw her tattoo up again and it took him FOR.EVER! He was just messing around, not in any rush to get it done. He also kept arguing with Tara about the size and layout of it, he really was a creep!  He finally started the tattoo at 8:00!! The place was kind of creepy!  She, Cody and I couldn't wait to get out of there! The whole tattoo only took about 45 minutes or so. It looks awesome!
Here is the before:
Oh, the pain!
She was texting Cody, Morgan and I.
Looking at her finished tattoo!
And the after:
It was definitely an interesting night!  But, Tara finally got the tattoo she's been wanting for over 2 years now for her little brother and it looks great!

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