Friday, April 23, 2010

Lu's Dance Competition

 went to watch Elizabeth at one of the dance competitions last weekend in Syracuse. She is doing a solo this year and it is SUPER cute! She is so sassy and fun to watch! She was so funny after we watched girls around her age and older girls do their solos and they have their teachers in front of them doing the steps to remind them of where they are in their dance. She did NOT think that was okay when she can remember her dance all by herself and doesn't need any help. She kept saying to me "the judges are right there, should I go tell them the teachers are helping them?"
Lu & Shaunie

Elizabeth's Solo on Vimeo.

She did her solo on Friday night and then it was team competition all day Saturday. Her team dances are so cute. Most of the teams had the same costumes which are funky tutus, t-shirts and funky Converse shoes for the hip hop dances. I think Lu's teams hip hop dance was the best in their division, it is ADORABLE!

I got to spend a little time Friday night with DJ, my favorite boy! He was so excited to see me and he was so well behaved there all night.
Noah and his friend, Jackson were there, too. They were really good considering they are 9 year old boys at a dance competition...not their favorite place!!
I don't know when this little boy grew into a young man. It breaks my heart that I wasn't able to be around to watch him, Elizabeth and DJ grow up for the past 2 plus years. He holds such a special place in my heart. Those 3 kids mean the world to me!
Elizabeth did so well with her solo she won Queen!! We were shocked because she was up against a girl who did some back handsprings and some other gymnastics in her solo. She was so excited!
This is after we got done on Saturday with the team competition and the poor girl was all tuckered out.
I love watching her develop into such a great dancer and watching her dance brings tears to my eye every time (which she laughed at me when I told her she made me cry)! It's something she loves so much and that's the best part!
On my way home Saturday night, my car broke down. So I called Josh just sobbing. I sat at the Willard Flying J for a while waiting for Josh, Cody and Tara to come get me. I was sitting next to a mosquito breeding pool and saw some HUGE bugs. I was so glad I was in my car!
I was so happy to see them when they finally got there! We got the car going again and we were on our way home!

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Treesa Porter said...

I so miss dance comps! Fun to watch them again ... love you