Sunday, April 11, 2010

Jazz Game

On Tuesday night we went down to a Jazz game with my parents and Jade and Brit.  My mom bought us all tickets for my dad's birthday.
We got down there pretty early so we could go get some dinner before the game at California Pizza Kitchen.  Josh and I found a lot to park in right across the street from the ESA and we saw some people lined up at the players' entrance.  We went over there to see if maybe we could see someone while we were waiting for everyone else to get there.  This nice, white Acura pulled in with black tinted windows.  The car stops and the window roll down and it was DERON WILLIAMS!  People were giving him Jazz stuff to sign.  We didn't have anything to sign although I could have had him sign my shirt, so I just took his picture.  My hands were shaking, I couldn't believe he was right in front of me.  He was so nice and signed everybody's things.
We went and had dinner then headed back to see the game.  It was such a fun game to be at, even though it was very stressful!  I love being there and being in the moment of the game, it was so fun!  

It was such a stressful game and it went into overtime and the Jazz won!  It was so loud in there for the last two quarter and overtime.  Everyone was yelling and I lost my voice, but it was worth it!
I'm so happy we could all go together and have fun.  Thanks for the tickets mom, now we need to go to the playoffs!


Treesa Porter said...

Okay, I'll go ... you just need to buy the tickets! It was a great time and am so glad that all of us were able to go. It means a lot to your pop!

Vicki said...

This sound so fun we've been wanting to go but just haven't got around to doing it. Thats a pretty cool pic you got!

Callaways said...

what a great game, and worst to not be at!!!