Thursday, March 25, 2010

I've Done Lost My Mind

I've got a date on June 12, 2010.  A half marathon date.  I'm excited but soooo scared!


Bowler Family said...

How fun, you will do awesome!!! GOOD LUCK!

Kenna said...

you WILL do awesome. just think, you will for sure beat me, so you won't be last. :)

mmk, so maybe we are insane.

mmk, so we ARE insane.

Callaways said...

ok the side of the picture says pain you enjoy??? I didn't think that was in existence. Also good for you, I'd rather die than run that far!!! Actually I prolly would have to follow me in an ambulance and pick me up when I go down. and YES I WILL need the paddles. :)

The Foster's said...

Go Kandice, very inspiring...I can barely make a mile in 10. You so go, do a post with pics from it for sure;)