Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weekend Re-Cap

This weekend went by way too fast!  I got some contact samples to try to see if I like them.  I put them in Saturday morning so I didn't have to deal with trying them at work.  That didn't go well at all.  My left eye didn't really bother me too much but my right eye felt like something was scratching my cornea.  I only had them in for about 5 hours then I  had to take them out.  I going to see if I can try a different brand.  On Saturday night we went over to Cody and Tara's for sushi.  Tara makes the best sushi because it's all COOKED!
The boys played Halo, like always!
We all went to see this awesome movie today.  It was really good.
I still love the original movie, though.
Tim Burton did a very good job with this movie, except for the ending, he lost me there.
We all looked awesome in our 3D glasses!
We went up to my parent's house today for Sunday dinner and to celebrate my dad's birthday.  He wanted Jade's Fettucine Alfredo and it was yummy!  I love hanging out with the family and seeing these two little guys!  Gavin's smile just brightens my day and Branson had us all laughing at him, he's getting so smart!  He's learned to say "silly" but says "lilly", it's so cute.  

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Callaways said...

so much fun!!! Weekends need to be longer..... now go to bed... tomorrow may be crazy...