Sunday, March 7, 2010

Let's Catch Up, Shall We?

I have been slacking lately!  Nothing too exciting has really happened in our house lately.  I watched Jade and Brit's boys twice last week.  They are so fun!  Gavin is such a little smiler and giggler.  Branson is getting so big and is talking a lot.  He didn't know what to think about Ringo, but came around liking him.  He loved Yoko because she'll let him touch her.
Gavin slept most of the first night he was here.  I went in to check on him and he had lost his binky but was sucking his thumb like his daddy!
Ever since Branson was little, he has loved playing with a fly swatter.  He found one at my mom and dad's and started pushing it around like a vacuum.
It was so much fun watching them, but they wore me out!  Branson is a crazy boy, he doesn't sit still for one second!

Tara and I went to a Health Fair that was being put on by Sunshine Terrace at the retirement living facility across the street from the hospital we work at.  We put a booth together for our clinic.  Dr. Costa went with us.  He checked people's ears, while Tara and I checked blood pressure, blood sugar and gave swine flu shots.  It was the first health fair I had ever done.  It went really well and we had lots of fun.  I forgot my camera so I  was glad when I saw Tara brought her's.  She's a life saver!!
My husband is the sweetest, most generous man I've ever known.  He totally surprised me by letting me get the one thing I've looked at daily and talked about for the past year and a half.  So this little beauty and I are starting our love affair!  I'm so dang excited!
When we got into the car after buying it, I started crying because I couldn't believe I finally have it.  Josh started crying too because that's what he wanted, to see me happy.  Wow, I'm am an unbelievably blessed girl to have him.  Thank you, my love!
We went shopping for him, too.  He got some new shoes for work and school and some very cool shoes for working out.
Chelsie and Brian came home for the weekend so she and I went shopping with my mom on Saturday, with Branson and Gavin.  We went to Ross to find a "treasure" to wear to my Grandma Pat and Earl's temple sealing this Saturday.  Chelsie and Brian went out with their friends they don't get to see very often Friday night and my mom told her she had to be happy Saturday if she was going to go shopping with us.  She was "bright-eyed and bushy-tailed"!  We had lots of fun hanging out together.  She's not used to our Saturday shopping adventures and our humor while shopping so we had to break her in!
We had dinner last night up at my mom and dad's house.  I got to try out my camera and see what it can do.  I don't know what I'm doing yet, but am so excited to learn!  Branson had played all day long and had been very good while we were out shopping so by the end of the night he was tired!  He was getting crabby so Brittiney pulled my sunglasses out of my purse to entertain him for a minute.  He thought it was pretty funny to take them off and put them back on.
 My mom and dad wanted to get a picture with them and their grandbabies.
Gavin smiles with his whole face, I love it!
Chelsie and Brian before they left.
Now that I'm caught up I should keep it that way!


Callaways said...

Ha, Ha, we are both posting at the same time... shouldn't you be in bed??? Love the pictures, those cute little boys.. I'm glad you got your awesome camera.. Nothing like getting something you've always wanted. No better feeling... and it's exponentially better when it's supported and given by someone you love and are supported by. You deserve it ten times over.
I also hope you found a treasure!! They can be hard to come by.. especially when you have to dig around on the floor.
And I REALLY hope you're not mad at me since I didn't call you this weekend! Please don't be mad. :)

Kenna said...

yaya for cameras!

i now expect you to start a blog for your most awesome photos. can't wait to see them.

we should go out 'shooting' some time. i need a buddy.

byebyedays said...

That camera is pretty sweet, I'm happy for you... But now I WANT ONE!;) Glad to see an update from you too... You've been as bad as I have!;) Your little nephews are so adorable, and I love how much they love their Auntie Kandice!

The Foster's said...

Happy Camera days to you...looks like it works real well Kand!