Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Special Day

I went down to Spanish Fork with my mom this weekend.  My Grandma Pat was getting sealed to her husband, Earl.  They have been working so hard for the past year or so to get temple divorces and permission from everyone in their family to be able to be sealed together.  My mom and I finally got to the Mount Timpanogos temple at about noon, when their session started.  We waited in the car for a while waiting for them.  It was so cold and snowing so we didn't want to wait out in that.  We went to meet them when they came out of the temple and quickly took some pictures while it was snowing and raining on us.

We all went to have lunch at Olive Garden afterward.  It was so fun getting together with everyone.  After lunch we went back to my grandma's and got changed and visited with her and Earl for a while.  We got together with all my aunts and cousins later that night at my Aunt Shelly's house to watch My Sister's Keeper. Half way through that movie we were all crying except for Aspen and Amanda who had already seen the  movie 3 times.  It is such a sad story but was very good.  My mom and I spent the night at my grandma's.  We spent more time with my grandma and Earl this morning before we left to come home.  I love my grandma and love spending time with her, she's such an awesome lady and I'm so happy she's found such a great guy with Earl.  He just adores her, it's so sweet!
Congratulations Grandma & Earl!  
It was great to come home, though!  I missed Josh and our babies.  I got home and changed, then we headed over to Cody and Tara's to watch the Jazz game and eat dinner.  The Jazz lost again but it was fun watching the game with them!
It was a busy weekend but a great one!  I'm not ready for the work week to start, though!


Callaways said...

That's so cool. I've been up to the Timpanogas temple.. it's pretty. damn jazz... I'm having a hard time being positive about them this year... get on with it!! :)

byebyedays said...

That's neat for your Gram, and very cool she had all of you there to support her and Earl!

Rick and Angelia said...

That is cool about your Grandma, everyone deserves that special someone. It is nice that you were there to support them. I loved My Sister Keeper. If you haven't read the book it is a great read.