Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekend Happenings

We started our weekend by helping Cody and Tara move a TV they got from one of the doctor's we work for.  We had to drive out to his house, which was clear out in BFE, to get the TV.  It was fa-reezing outside, especially on the mountain Welter lives on.  The boys didn't have any problem getting the TV out of the house and into Cody's truck.  We were outside for a bit while Cody was getting the TV tied down, Tara and I were loving Welter's coon hound he recently got.  She was so sweet and so pretty!  His other dog wasn't too fond of us.  He's quite protective of his house and had to be muzzled.  I just wanted to pet and love him but he wasn't having it!  After the TV got tied down good and tight, we got to go on a tour of Welter's house.  It's very big and nice.  He had an antique fire place that I was drooling over, I loved it.  The wood work on it was beautiful!  He has pool room with a pool, hot tub and a big TV mounted on the wall, that we all desperately want to have Jazz parties in!
We got the TV back to Cody and Tara's and the boys had the awesome job of getting the huge TV up the stairs and into Atty's room!  They got it up the stairs then had to figure out how to get it over the banister.
So what do ya do?  Take it off!  So Tara got the screwdriver out and began taking the screws out of the wall.  Well the ones on the wall came out fine but the ones in the floor were tough!  Tara had to get the power drill out!  She finally got it off and they moved the TV into Atty's room.  He was so excited, grinning from ear to ear!
We order some pizza for lunch and the boys played Halo while Tara tried to get something to work on my laptop.  It didn't work so we gave up.  It was lots of work but lots of fun hanging out with the besties!

We went home and did our taxes, I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that I hate doing them.  I am excited to get some money back this year, though.  We've already decided what toys were going to get and I CAN'T WAIT!  
We stayed up late watching the Olympics last night, like every night!  I'm loving watching them.  Nothing gets my heart beating like the speed skating and watch Apollo Ohno!  He's so fun to watch.
  It was awesome seeing Shaun White win gold in the half pipe.  His tricks are ca-razy!
I was supposed to go down to Salt Lake today to watch Shannon's kids sing at the Interfaith Roundtable at Temple Square.  Josh's mom was coming to get me and take me back down there.  While she was on her way, plans changed and the kids were not going to sing.  So we decided to go out to dinner for my birthday while she was up here.  She's such a great mom-in-law and I love her so much.  It was great to get to see her for a few hours and catch up.

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byebyedays said...

OF COURSE you guys were right there helping with that T.V.! You guys are great friends! And OF COURSE Tara is sitting there with her tools in hand doing a mans job I'm SURE!;) Glad you had a fun weekend.