Thursday, February 4, 2010

Kids, Kids, Kids!

Josh and I went down to Draper today to go to Elizabeth's school program with Shannon.  It was lots of fun to watch her.  It was their rehearsal today and tomorrow is the big one.  Elizabeth's dad, Arnold and Josh's mom, Rosie are going tomorrow.
After the singing part of the program they had a little dancing part.  When they asked the kids to go get their mom or dad to come dance with them, Lu came and got me to dance with her.
We did the waltz
They did some more dances and then Elizabeth came to get me to do the Macarena and the Hokie Pokie.  It was tons of fun to dance with her.
The funniest part of the day was when we were all in the car going back to Shannon's house after the program. We were talking about Noah's baseball tournament in St. George in March and Shannon was telling him he wouldn't be going if he wasn't nice to Elizabeth and Elizabeth will go in his place to play.  DJ said the Lu couldn't go play because "Bizabef is a woman!".  We were laughing so hard, then he kept saying "Put your hands up, you're a woman!".  Oh, the mind of a 4 year old!  It was a quick trip but a fun one with my favorite kids!
I'm really starting to wonder why we live in Logan after being down in Draper.  I miss living down there a lot. Especially after being down there today when it was warm and no snow.  Then you come back up here and it's an ice box with a foot of snow!  Not fair.  I'm so sick of being cold!
Last Saturday I went up to my mom's to help her watch Branson and Gavin.  I was happy to be able to spend some time with the boys.  I don't see them as much as I would like even though they only live 20 miles away.! Gavin's getting so big and is so cute!  I didn't get a picture of Branson because he was ALL over the place, he's such a busy body. 
Josh and I are ready to turn in our application for adoption.  We want to adopt a baby from Haiti, well from anywhere really, but with the crisis in Haiti right now we really want to save a child from there.  It scares us and we know it could be 3 years before we actually get one and it's so expensive, but it's something we both want to do.  I think we are ready to start trying to get pregnant again, too.  After our miscarriage and the depression of having my period come every month, I had to stop.  I just couldn't mentally take it anymore.  I am now ready to start that journey all over again and we'll see where we go.  One way or another we want a baby and have had that want for 5 years now.
Now onto our children, or furbabies, that we do have.  Yoko is getting big and is crazy.
We got a cat bed a while ago and put it by our bed, no one touched it.  Then I moved it out into the living  room and Meow loves it.  She lies in it all the time.
 Ringo is the same, just our sweet boy.
Wrinkles is getting old, she turned 10 in January.  It makes me sad to see her get older because I don't know I'm going to do when she dies, it makes me cry just thinking of it.  She's the best dog and I can't believe I've had her for 8 1/2 years already. 
Our animals drive me crazy but I'm so thankful for them.  


Kenna said...

you go girl. i bawled when i turned in our application. so many emotions involved.

let me know if i can do anything for ya.

Callaways said...

I know without a doubt one way or another, everything will work out for you and Josh. I know all too well, and actually still HATE that we aren't the rulers of our time for things, but obviously I would've ruined many things had I always gotten what I wanted at the time.. just trust that life is what you make it. and if none of us can, we'll open a day care, and a dog plantation, and sneak kids out of 3rd world countries, and make it happen!!!! :) Love ya

Anonymous said...

Hey! So you might not know me but I was your brother Jades friend. Anyways, your blog was on one of my friends blogs and so I clicked on it for some reason- I PROMISE I AM NOT A BLOG STALKER!! Anyways, we adopted our son last september and we used a Utah agency and they were FREAKING AWESOME and QUICK! Let me know if you want to talk.. I love to help people with adoption and share our personal experience with it.

PS- Tell Jade that his boys are ADORABLE!!


Treesa Porter said...

So glad you guys came and spent the day with us ... and thanks for coming to help with the boys last weekend! You guys mean the WORLD to me ya know! Love you
So glad to hear that you are ready to start trying to have a baby, or adopt! God knows that you would be wonderful parents to one of his special spirits! Say your prayers ... we will say ours too. LOVE YOU

Nicole said...

What cute animals! But I can understand your battle wanting a baby! I hope the very best for you! I'm sure things happen for a reason, and as we have talked about before, think of how much happier and appreciative you will be when that time goes and you are blessed with a baby (either by adoption or your own) What a great mom you will be! Hang in there! Let me know if you ever need to talk!

Vicki said...

You will make great parents! I am prayin for ya. Love you and hey it's always fun tryin right :) What finally worked for me with Carson after 8 months of trying was exactly two weeks from when you start your period do IT for five days everyday. Good luck!! (FYI Pregnancy tests are $1 at honks)