Sunday, January 24, 2010

MMM...Crab Legs

With Josh's birthday being on Thursday and him having school that night we didn't do much for it.  So Cody and Tara wanted to have a surprise birthday party for him on Friday night.  Tara and I decided at work to make crab legs for him.  After work we went and got the legs and she took them home to cook them.  I had to make up an excuse for us to go over to their house without making him suspicious...not easy!  When we got there, they started singing Happy Birthday to him with candles burning on his birthday pie (he doesn't like cake...weird).  Then we devoured those delicious crab legs.

We had lots of fun hanging out with those guys, like always!  After dinner, the boys played Halo and Tara and looked funny things up on the internet.  Tara and I started watching videos on youtube of our favorite girl, Alanis Morissette.  When we first met we totally bonded because we both loved her.  So we sat and watched a bunch of DVDs she has of her, it was awesome!  We had so much fun and the boys even sang along with some of her songs!
We've got the best friends in the world and are so happy to have them in our lives.  We love you guys!


Callaways said...

yay crab legs!!!! MMMMMM. We may never feast that great again!!! And dang them are some sweet looking girls at the end!!!! Thanks for the movie, and lying to your hubby to get him over!!!

byebyedays said...

Happy Birthday to your cute guy! Looks like he had a fun one... Crab legs are the best!!! Next time we go to Joe's I'm taking you along... No one in my family will eat them! Glad to see you and Ter bear havin fun times together... Friends are the greatest, and you two are so cute!

Shar said...

Oooh... crab legs... dipped in BUTTER! Yum.