Monday, October 5, 2009

The Weekend Pt. 1 Cleaning & Noah's Baseball Game

This weekend was a busy one for me. I went down to Draper on Friday night to help Shannon get her house cleaned up. She hasn't had very much time the past month because her dad had a major heart attack. So she's been busy getting the kids to school, to their activities and taking care of her dad's two businesses. And she moved into a new house before her dad's heart attack and some of the kids things were still in boxes. I talked to her Friday morning on my way to work and could sense the overwhelment in her voice. So I got down there Friday evening and got started on her house and got to spend time with my 3 favorite kids. Elizabeth, DJ and I all slept in Elizabeth's room and watched Hannah Montana.
On Saturday morning, I got started on Shannon's laundry, my oh my did she have A LOT! Noah had a baseball game in the early afternoon so I finally got to see him play a game! Yay! I wish Josh could have been there with me to see him, but he wasn't feeling very well. Noah played a great game, it was so fun to watch him and see how good he is. He got walked his first at bat but every at bat he got after that, he got an awesome, solid hits! He plays center field and is very good at fielding the ball. The game was a single elimination tournament so his team had to win to move onto the next team, but unfortunately his team lost. He was really upset about it, but he did such a great job. I'm so proud of him.
Look at the disappointment in his adorable little face, poor kid. He's grown so much in the past year, it makes me realize how much I've missed not being down there with them all the time. I miss being with those kids every day and watching them grow and learn new things. I love those 3 so much.


byebyedays said...

You kick butt Kandice! They are so lucky to have you! It's fun to escape the valley once in a while anyway... I hope to see you tomorrow!

Nicole said...

What cute kid! He is gonna be a heartbreaker one day! Watch out! How fun! Kids are the best!

TeamGornold said...

you are so sweet to help your shannon out! way to go. i know i say this a lot but... i miss ya!
hope to see you/hear from you soon!
by the way, i love your promo for breast health!

Callaways said...

ok, second to last picture... whats with the chick in the blue shirt?? :) looks like fun even though it was cleaning!