Thursday, October 29, 2009

Special Delivery

It's a long one so get prepared!

Our new nephew Gavin was born today at 1:21 pm. It was a very stressful delivery. Brit was induced and they got her going at about 8 or 8:30 am. When she got to the hospital to get started they told her she was only dilated to a 2 or 2 1/2, but on Saturday they went to the hospital and they told her she was at a 4. So we didn't know what she really was at for a while. My mom and I headed down to Layton at about 8 am, when we got to the hospital her Dr. hadn't been in to check her yet. He got there at about 10:30 and said she was almost at a 4 and he broke her water. Her contractions were getting pretty intense and it took forever for the anesthesiologist to get there. They finally got the epidural in and then things went along really quick. She dilated from a 5 to a 7 in about 20 minutes, they had at hard time getting Brit on a side that was comfortable for her and good for the baby. His heart rate kept dropping which had been the story all day, they just couldn't get the monitor in the right spot and keep it there. The nurse finally had to put the fetal monitor on Gavin's head and had to do it twice! They still couldn't keep his heart rate up, it just kept dropping. The nurse started getting a little worried and we were coming up on 1 pm. We asked if the nurses could get someone to give Brit and Gavin a blessing. No one ever came. The nurse came in and said they were going to prep Brit for a c-section. Brittiney was really scared at this point because of Gavin's heart rate and she didn't want to be away from Branson that long recovering in the hospital. They won't let kids under the age of 12 visit in the hospital because of the swine flu so Branson will be away from his mom until they discharge her from the hospital.
Since no one ever came to give her a blessing and they were wanting to take her to the OR right away, my mom said a prayer. It was pretty emotional for us 4 girls, we were crying messes. We know this stuff happens all the time but when it happens to someone in your family, it's scary. They took her in to the OR, which luckily for Wendy, my mom and I was right across the hall from the room we had been in, and came and got Jade about 5 minutes later. Her doctor finally came into the room to check out what was going on with Gavin and we had to tell him she was already in the OR, he had a panicked look on his face. So us three girls just stood in the doorway for the next 15 minutes calling everyone letting them know what was going on. We were looking through the windows on the door right into the OR room they were in but couldn't really see much, then they put the screen up so we couldn't see anything but the top of the door way. The anesthesiologist came out and said everything was going okay and that she was fully dilated and they were going to let her just try to deliver him naturally, with the help of the vacuum, instead of the c-section, we were so relieved to hear that! We stood there anxiously waiting and then we thought we heard a cry so I went up to the doors to listen through the crack and almost got ran over twice by someone coming out of the doors, cause I'm smart for standing there! Then at 1:21 pm we finally we heard him cry! We finally relaxed. Someone came out and told us he was fine, they just took him to the NICU for precaution to make sure he was okay. Then they came and said he was in the nursery so we could go see him.
We watched him get all cleaned up and get his shots. He weighs 7 lbs 6 oz and is 19 inches long. They didn't let me into the nursery to take pictures like they did with Branson so I had to do it through the glass.
We went back to the room to see Brit after they were done giving Gavin his bath. It took a while for them to finally bring Gavin in. I guess they were wanting to make sure he was warm enough. He's so sweet and has the cutest cry.
I wish Branson could have been there to see his new little brother and I could have gotten their first new family picture.
They came in to move Brittiney to the maternity room so we all caravaned down there. Once we were in the room Wendy was handing Gavin, who was still wrapped in the hospital issued blanket, to my mom just as Brit's new nurse came in and she freaked out on us and told us that we couldn't have babies in there. Brit told her it was her baby that she had just had, then the nurse said that Gavin was big. We just looked at each other like "seriously?". Brit told her what he weighed and she started saying how people were bringing their brand new babies into the hospital and that they can't because the babies were so suseptible to the H1N1 virus. She was a little bit of a fruit cake!
They are going to bottle feed him and Jade got to feed Gavin his first bottle. At first he didn't like it but by the time we were leaving he was sucking it down pretty good. Mom and I got to change his first diaper and Brittiney was up walking around by 6 pm. She was doing a lot better than I thought she would after being prepped for a c-section and given the anesthesia.We took Jade to Red Robin to get some dinner. Brittiney hadn't had anything to eat so she ordered some chicken noodle soup but it was nasty she said so we got her some dinner, too.
Jade was excited to be able to swaddle a baby again. He said that was one thing he did very well, and he really does! That baby was wrapped like a burrito!
He was sleeping on my lap and I caught him smiling, he was pulling some pretty funny faces.
He threw up after one of his feedings so I got to change his clothes. I love naked babies!
When my mom and I were leaving Jade and Brit took Gavin back to the nursery so they could go down to the waiting room and see Branson. He was so excited to see us all, he was screaming and running in circles! He was so happy to see his mom and dad. He's going to have so much fun with his new baby brother and so are we!


byebyedays said...

Oh, happy day! I'm glad the little fella is here and well... He is SO DARLING!

The Foster's said...

Ahhh Kand...there is nothing sweeter than a newborn. He is absolutely precious. I totally have goo, goo eyes right now. I love that you and your fam are so close. I bet you are the best auntie ever1

Vicki said...

OOOWww How precious. Looks like Gavin and Branson are almost to the day one year apart that will be so fun for them to always have each other to play with. Congrats Auntie. So glade they could deliver naturally that will be so much better for mommie to take care of both kiddos. I love love that name by the way GAVIN.. tried to name Trace that but austin said na.

Laci said...

So happy for you. I know all about those C-Sections! I bet you are a great aunt!

Callaways said...

what a long, crazy way to get into this world... he is so cute though.. hope you get to spend some good QUALITY time with him...