Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Branson!

Today is Branson's first birthday. We had a birthday party for him on Saturday with both families. It was a lot of fun to watch him open his presents and get excited. He got his own little cake to tear apart and eat and he loved it!
He got lots of fun presents. He loves this vacuum my parents got for him. He loves to follow my mom around when she is vacuuming so she thought he would enjoy his own vacuum. It sings songs and teaches him the ABCs but he only likes it if it's on the vacuum sound. He walks around vacuuming pushing it going back and forth with a very concentrated look on his face like he's really doing it. It's hilarious!


byebyedays said...

Wow, he really tore that cake up! What a darling little guy! To bad for the parents loving the vacuum doesn't last!;)

Bowler Family said...

What a cutie! Happy Birthday to Branson, I love that name!

Nicole said...

That's the cutest cake I have ever lookes even cuter all over Branson! Haha! He really dug into that thing! He is adorable!

Rusty and Jen said...

HA HA love the cake all over his face.
I love his name too!!