Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekend Re-Cap

We had a great weekend. Josh is finally feeling better, the stupid cold is still lingering but he's doing better. We went to Cody and Tara's Friday night and Saturday night because Morgan came up from Cedar City for the weekend. Morgan brought her cute, little puppy Ebony. She's grown so much and is so fun. The boys and Morgan played Halo and Tara and I looked up jewelry online and played with the puppy and Athena. That seems to be the usual for our weekends lately which is good because I love hanging out with them.
We stopped by tonight to watch the Dodger game and to take them so pumpkins from my parent's pumpkin patch but Cody had been in bed all day with a terrible migraine so we had dinner with the rest of them and watched a little of the game.
We went up to my parent's today to take first year pictures of Branson while it is still pretty outside. We went up Cub River and the leaves were so pretty and it was a beautiful, warm day! My mom, Brittiney and I got some very cute pictures of our sweet boy. He's so much fun and is learning my name. We went to see Jade and Brit's new house today and when we walked in and Branson saw us he led me in his room with his hand in the air pointing at his new room, then he lead me to the other rooms just smiling. He was so excited!


Bowler Family said...

What adorable pictures of Branson! He is a cutie! I love Willow flats, how perfect with the fall leafs!

Cute pic of you and your hubby too!

Nicole said...

He is such a cute lill guy! Those are so awesome pics! I love it up by deercliff!