Friday, May 2, 2008

Ups and Downs

This has been a crazy week!! Last Thursday, Josh and I both took our CNA tests and found out on Monday that we both passed. So we are officially CNAs again. Our work was threatening to suspend Josh until he got it so we were relieved when he passed. We also get pay raises, not much, but at least we get them.

Then on Wednesday, the CEO of the company Josh and I work for came and told the Day Center, which is where I work, that they are closing us down and June 27th is our last operating day. Apparently we don't make enough money for a non-profit organization...explain that one to me!! Now I get to find another job...ugh! It's really sad and I can't help but wonder what will happen to all of the elderly that I take care of and what their families are going to do. It is a really rotten situation! But Josh is fine, his job is safe.

Tonight the Jazz played their sixth game against the Houston Rockets. They had to win tonight or go back to Houston and try to win game seven to move on to the second round. After a tense game the Jazz won! It was a very interesting game with lots of point changes and horrible calls by the refs. But they won and go play the Lakers on Sunday in the second round of the playoffs! Looks like T-Mac is still the second round virgin!! Yeah Jazz!

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Frayer Family said...

The goodnews is great!! Sorry to hear about the badnews!! We have all had our ups and downs with jobs. Good luck on finding something new. So, I can't tell if you guys are Jazz fans or not! Just kidding! :) Love you guys!