Saturday, May 31, 2008

Saturday Drive

I wanted to go do something today instead of sit home so we decided to drive up to Porcupine Dam and see what it looked like since neither one of us had ever been there. I love just getting in the car and going on an adventure with my husband...that's what we did last year for our anniversary and had so much fun ending up in Sundance. So we got to Porcupine Dam and drove around it for a minute. It was pretty up there! It's a little winding road to get there but definitely pretty. When we turned around on the winding road around the reservoir, I thought for sure we were going in the lake. Josh turned us around on this ledge that was slanted toward the water! I think I stopped breathing for a minute until we got turned around safely!! I did get a picture though!! Always gotta have the camera! Then when we left we saw this a sign that said Liberty 13 miles...I never knew there was a town called Liberty here in Cache Valley. So we were curious to see it. We drove forever on a gravel and dirt little canyon road trying to find it until Josh realized we were getting low on gas!! And the closest gas station was like 30 miles in the opposite direction!! I definitely did not want to run out of gas out there!! It would have be like Deliverance...I could hear the banjo playing!! So we finally found a wide enough spot to turn around and headed back towards home! Never got to see Liberty but will have to go back and find it. There was a sign before we passed one of the many cattle guards that said something to hunters about hunting deer, elk, moose and LION!! That's what the sign said "LION"!! We didn't see any...I'm guessing it's mountain lions! That would have been really fun to run out of gas out there, get picked up by the Deliverance people and get fed to their mountain lions!! That was our adventurous day!

Right as I thought we were going to end up in the lake...can't really tell from the picture how steep it was!!

We saw this really old Cache Valley sign


Callaways said...

I know what you mean. I love driving around.... if gas didn't cost your first born... thats how we always find places to take family photos. I'm glad the Deliverance/lions didn't get you guys, and you didn't run out of gas.

Ilaria said...

I love your blog's new look! :)
We miss you guys!!