Thursday, May 29, 2008

Softball Game

Josh had his second work softball game tonight. It was cancelled last week due to rain and it rained again today but not enough to cancel the games. His team got beat again. He got 2 good hits this game and was the only one to touch home base. It was FREEZING outside, too! It felt like October out there! This game wasn't as bad as the last game, but hopefully the next game will be better!
I forgot to mention that Tara had comfy stadium chairs for us to sit on because the bleachers are always so cold and the wonderful butterfly blanket of warmth! If it wasn't for her bringing those we would have had to watch the game from the car!! Thanks Tara!

First at bat

Coming Home!

Making contact


Frayer Family said...

Looks like fun! Reminds me of when we were on city leagues in Cedar City! Oh the fun we had!!!! Do you win games? Love the new page design. It is very cute! Miss ya!

Callaways said...

At least we have comfy chairs now, and the butterfly blanket of warmth.