Thursday, May 8, 2008

Random Pictures

So here are some random pictures of us and the animals...Wrinkles was outside laying in the dirt today while I was cleaning my car. She always has to dig a hole and lay in it all summer. I didn't think she would dig in our yard because we have so much dirt around the edges but she did, and where did she dig? Right in the middle of my flower bed in between the tulips!! She loves the cool dirt!


Missy Ann said...

Are you serious that they are closing the Day Center? Is Mary still over it? This is crazy it's such a support for the families that need a break. I know I've not been there since 2002 (I think) this is just crazy horrible. On a side note, if you got a job as a home health aid you end up making some good money.

Callaways said...

I like random pictures. You're dogs are so cute!! Thanks for being such great friends!!! love you guys.