Friday, May 30, 2008

Josh's Weight Loss Chronicles

Josh started a biggest loser competition at our gym about a month ago and has been doing so well on it. He has lost about 25 pounds since he started!! He has been working out so hard 2-3 times a day!
He started a weight loss blog back even before Christmas but hasn't really kept up with it for a while. He is going to update it more often now and just wanted all of you who are invited to see it (it's kinda personal) know to check it out!! If you want an invite to see it, let him know. Thanks for all your love and support!!
I am so proud of Josh and just the person he is! Fat or doesn't matter, I love him more than life and am so blessed to call him mine!! Love you Honey!

Blue Steel

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Frayer Family said...

Josh...I love the pose!! It shows your best side :) Good job!