Sunday, May 18, 2008

Softball, Walks and Car Rides

On Thursday, Josh and Cody had their first softball game for work. They got their butts whooped but they had fun. Josh only got to hit once the entire game. Hopefully their team will want to have a practice or two now!!
On Saturday, Brittiney and I took the dogs for a walk by the river at the golf course. I just took Wrinkles to begin with because she is a more mellow dog than Ringo is. She has so much fun and thought it was great. At first she wanted to run but by the end of the walk she was lagging behind me. It was so pretty and green! Later that night she was limping around and I felt horrible. I thought she had torn up the pads of her feet, but she was fine. Wrinkles was so happy to go for a car ride! Daisy loves the water!
Today, Josh and I went for a ride up the canyon and took the dogs to get out of our hot house. Ringo thought he was in Heaven, I know it's bad to let your dogs put their heads out the window in case something flies in their eyes or ears, but he loved it!

Wrinkles loves to be up front!

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Callaways said...

It's a dog thing to hang out the window.. it's athena's favorite thing. She loves car rides too... crazy dogs.. I'm so glad it's finally warm so they can go out and play.