Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mickey's Halloween Party!!

After we rested for a bit, we got dressed and ready for Mickey's Halloween Party.  We walked back into the park and it was so crowded.  We had to stop and get our wrist band and our Trick-Or-Treating bag and then into the park.
Alex was dressed as Minnie Mouse, Tristan was a vampire, Kaleb was Indiana Jones and Brodie was a bumble bee.
We forgot to bring a costume for Josh and I forgot to bring stuff for the rest of my cave woman costume that I borrowed from Tara.  So I just put mine on over my clothes and we just drew on Josh's face.
We walked in and headed to the different Trick-or-Treating stations.  It was so fun!
The first one we went to was in Pixie Hollow.
Alex, Josh and I were on a mission for the best treats, Reese's and Snickers.
We hit a few stations and then we happened upon a spot for the parade.  
Checking out their candy.
And the bartering begins.  We told the kids that we would all trade candy when we got back to the room later that night.
 The Parade!
Peter Pan & Captain Hook
The Princesses!
Toy Story
The parade was so fun!  Josh said he looked down at me as the Princesses we passing and I had a big grin on my face, I love the Princesses!
We walked around to more of the stations and rode some rides.  We went on Alice In Wonderland and over to Autopia for the kids to drive the cars.  Kaleb was my driver and I couldn't stop laughing!  Those cars are hard to drive anyway but then add in a cute kid who can't quite reach the foot pedal and see over the steering wheel and it's so fun!  I ended up pushing the gas pedal for him as he steered.  We banged into the track the whole way around.  Kaleb kept saying "I suck at this!".  It was comical but a blast, he's so cute!
 We walked over to Tomorrowland on our trek to find candy and saw Captain EO, the Michael Jackson movie.  It was so bad, I was laughing out loud at how ridiculous it is.  But I guess it is over 20 years old and the 3D in that movie was like cutting edge brand new then.
Then we looked at some souvenir shops and went on Peter Pan's Flight before we headed back to the hotel.
 I loved the Mickey pumpkin at the entrance of the park...and so did everyone else.  I wasn't going to pay the $25 or whatever it was or stand in the line to have our picture taken in front of it.
We were so tired.  It was just about midnight by then and we were fighting to keep our eyes open.  We had been in the park on our feet for just about 10 straight hours.  Our feet hurt so bad!  But it was such a fun day and I loved the Halloween party!  If I lived in California near Disneyland, I would take my kids trick or treating there instead of around the neighborhood!

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